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Thread: Boscoyo Mega Tree Kit 16/32

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    Default Boscoyo Mega Tree Kit 16/32

    I purchased a Boscoyo Mega Tree kit, and was hoping to use it by itself. Unfortunately, I am running into a couple of issues. I have a few ideas of how to address them, but I would like some advice on what you would do.

    I purchased 60D nails for the guy wires. Unfortunately, the ground is very soft and they come out very easily. I tried having my wife hold the pole up to put the guy wires in, but it just doesn't seem to hold. The second issue is that my yard is sloped quite a bit left to right.

    So, how would you secure the pole in soft soil, and how would you deal with a slope? I have modest DIY/wood skills. I don't really want to tear up the ground a lot, and I have never used concrete before. I also want something that can be stored in the off-season so I don't have to worry about mowing around it.

    I was thinking of burying some tube in the ground a foot or so that the emt conduit could fit into. The tube would be essentially flush with the ground and have a cap for when it's not in use. I am just not sure what kind of tube would work.

    Or, I could hammer in some rebar and slipping the emt over it. But, I would have to remove the rebar when I am not using the mega tree.

    I think the slope isn't that big of an issue since I can just leave some strips longer than the others and the lights would still be level since they start at the same top point.

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    Default Re: Boscoyo Mega Tree Kit 16/32

    I am also building my first Mega Tree this year.
    This video has helped me make a lot of good and safe decisions.
    Just so happens, its also the same tree I purchased....

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    Default Re: Boscoyo Mega Tree Kit 16/32

    I use earth anchors for guy wires. I got mine at either Menards or Home Depot. Similar to I would stay away from any corkscrew designs and and get something with an auger. These say corkscrew in the description but have what I call auger style.

    Alternatives...Your sleeve idea is good. Read the instructions for a flagpole and you will see how to do. Or do a I put my pole on top of piece of plywood that has a 2x4 attached that has a hole in the 2x4 but not through the plywood. Not as self supporting as hundred pounds of concrete but does the job.

    With emt (which is designed to have a certain malleable characteristic) , I would double guy wire even with a sleeve. One half way up and one up top at least 3 directions. You could make a "stand" out of say 4x4s. Do half lap join in the middle and put a small hole in the middle. you could extend the legs using 2 bolts and a 2x4 out in each direction far enough to attach your guy wires... you can use your nails! But that leaves you with a storage problem (2 big 4x4 and 4 2x4s).

    As far as the strips themselves, I put a tent stake on the end (with one or more zip ties) and that holds them decently. They need tightening every year but not a big deal to bump them in. I left blank strip on the end of mine so the lights start a foot or so up from the ground.


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