Just wondering if this has happened to anyone:

I have 1 sequence that is about 12 minutes long, which uses the renard and olsen plugins. I have the repeat ticked, so when it hits 12 minutes, it restarts. So basically it just loops all night long.

last night it went from 5:30 till 9:30, no problems at all, everything was great. This has also been the case for the last 3 weeks too.


I had it on this morning looping through, and it seems that after about 4 hours, it went through a restart but then would repeat after the first second and a half. And it just kept doing that... so it was crashing. I was able to hit stop, but then vixen froze. CTRL+ALT+DEL killed vixen, and we were ok to try again.

I'm not going to be home tonight, so I wanted to just have the sequence running all day, then the timers would bring the power on to the lights at 5:30, and the sequence would already be running...

I'd use the scheduler feature, however I experience too many crashes and lockups with that.