Announcing PixelRadio, a DiY FM Transmitter for personal holiday lighting events. It's a low power radio that can broadcast mono / stereo analog audio and it supports RDS (RadioText).


What is RDS? When your drive-by visitors tune into the show's music their automobile's infotainment display will show RadioText messages. The RDS can provide information about the music (artist / song name), hours of operation, charity donation instructions, and much more.

This is not a commercial product. It's a personal project that has been expanded for wider appeal to the pixel community. Initially I only planned to send a couple different canned messages that were important to me. But the final design includes a variety of features that should be useful to most pixel enthusiast.

PixelRadio is a WiFi appliance. That is to say, operation is through a web interface via a smartphone or desktop. A dedicated app is not used and most modern browsers should work. It is NOT cloud based, access only requires the local LAN.


Keep in mind that this is a DiY project. I do NOT intend to make & sell them (my spare time is limited). Plus I'm aware that very few pixel hobbyist have the experience to reproduce the project. But some of you enjoy building such things. And perhaps the community can work together to make it more accessible to those with less experience.

The full project has been uploaded to my GitHub repository. You're invited to stop by and learn more about the project.

- Thomas