I'm planning to assemble some window frame outlines of my windows to attach C7 lights to for this coming year. I have a 3x6' windows on lower level, and 3x5' windows on the upper level. I plan to have vertical legs that span from deck/roof to soffit roughly 8' tall, then use some kind of snap tee clips for the horizontal portions. I plan to engineer some pool noodle feet from solid pool noodle material at the 4 ends to help pressure fit the frames in place.

The simplest method to attach lights would be to use zip ties around each socket, but I would have to use 2 zip ties for each socket each season then to store I'd probably have to cut them all out, as I don't have enough space to store assembled PVC window frames in the offseason (prefer to disassemble and keep bundled in a lumber rack above the garage door). The question is whether there is a method to embed part or all of the C7 socket in the PVC pipe so that I can reuse these with less zip tie waste and perhaps simplify the install process.

Seems like I would need a slit cut length-wise along the exterior of the PVC pipe wide enough for the SPT-1 wire, and holes to house the C7 sockets themselves.

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I could trim the clips or perhaps rotate the clip in line with the slit to keep it in the body of the PVC pipe. The length of the socket is over an 1", so nesting the entire socket in the hole seems rather difficult. I wasn't really planning to go above 1" diameter, leaning towards 3/4" PVC.

I don't know how best to restrict socket movement once inside, but perhaps the clip would be enough if it can rotate it 90 degrees after inserting it into the slot inside the PVC pipe cavity. It's also possible to use socket scarves or o-rings to try to keep things friction fit. Or possibly have some small dab of hot glue style adhesive to keep things in place around each hole that I could scrape off, but I would probably need to experiment.

Has anyone tried to make this work? I'd like to extend the technique to other PVC props I could make like candy canes or tunnels. Off the wall ideas are welcome.