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Thread: Mounting strips to existing trees

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    Default Mounting strips to existing trees

    Has anyone mounted vertical strips to large tree trunks? We have some 50-70 feet tall trees in our front yard and I'm looking at viability of mounting quite a few vertical strips.

    I'm going for a mega tree type that is a column rather than a tree. Also more resistant to wind and storms. I figure I'm not moving the trees, so might use them.

    My thoughts currently are this:

    1 - Mega tree type plastic strips with square pixels. Blocks the same size as the pixels for spacing with nylon webbing on the back. Cinch around the tree in a few locations. Has advantage of roll up storage.

    2 - Aluminum u channel or square tube, with strip stuck to it. Much simpler and could cantilever them higher without having to go up too high with mid and bottom straps. Downside is viewing angle and overall fragility of strips.

    I also considered going wider than the tree, but it would block more of the house than the tree already does, so decided that doesn't make sense.

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    Default Re: Mounting strips to existing trees

    I'm planning on using pixel strips on my large elm tree. STarting at about 12" off the ground, facing the road i would run up the tree and follow the largest branch all the way to the tip, then start at the bottom again and go to the next tip. I'm also looking at Y'ing some strips further up. I plan to secure the strips using velcro strips so I can easily take it down in the spring and not damage the tree. The velco will also pop off if you dont get around to taking the lights down and the tree branch grows (unlike zip ties that will constrict on the branch and can wreck the tree or the strip) I got the Silicone covered IP65 strips. Weather resistant but not waterproof. I'm not saying its perfect, but it seems like the best option.

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    Default Re: Mounting strips to existing trees

    If you are looking for doing just the trunk, then you might want to use something like Boscoyo's Chromamesh. It can be cut to size and would work well wrapped around a tree trunk.
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