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Thread: Well that's not the right color.

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    Default Well that's not the right color.

    So I'm sure this has been answered before, but nothing I'm finding is working. This is my second year doing this, last year I stayed very small, and this year I'm expanding. I did one gutter, and it works great, except there's a section of it that is the wrong color. I've messed with the pixel color order, and that won't fix it. I added power injection, and that didn't fix it. I've checked everything I can find, and nothing seems wrong in my software.

    These are all WS2811's, purchased from Ray Wu on a continuous string. I'm using an F16V3, connecting through a Raspberry Pi, sequencing with xLights. This photo was taken during the color wash test mode on the Falcon. It changes color right in the middle of a string, not at a connector and changes back the same. It does not start at the beginning of a new universe, there are seven pixels in this universe that are showing the right color before the problem starts. There is no flickering or dimming, the transitions are smooth, they're just the wrong color. While in test mode, there's a chunk in the middle of the ones that are the wrong color that are the right color. If I play any sequence, they follow the color of the wrong led's.

    I've been scratching my head on this one for awhile. Anybody have any ideas?

    Picture of sting in question here:

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    Default Re: Well that's not the right color.

    Are reds supposed to be blue, and blues supposed to be greens? Or more like orange is yellow, and purple is pink?

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    Default Re: Well that's not the right color.

    xlights or vixen? if vixen, i would look to see if you have a patching error.

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