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Thread: For a beginner using node MCU's

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    Lightbulb For a beginner using node MCU's

    Hello y'all

    Im really looking into getting amazin light shows on my house, i currently have every window and every line of my house surrounded by pixel LED's using j-channel. For the moment i am using WLED to program them and they look amazin!

    I want to move up to the next step using the software xlights, im also in the making of a mega tree 6' with 12 strings spaced at 2"

    What board recomendation or even better if these is a way to sync or use my NODEMCU boards to xlights??

    i am using Nodemcu 8266 boards dirrectly wired to the lights programmed with WLED using the WLED app.


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    Default Re: For a beginner using node MCU's

    The ESPixelStick V3.2 or latest V4 will replace WLED on the node MCU. You may need to modify the GPIO you are using as an output.

    2021 New Tune-to sign. New 40x27 matrix at the house. Retiring the Strip based matrix. Updating some of the old window frames to the new house. Adding two new songs.
    2020 Full sized show reworked for the new location. Only adding (famous last words) 13 RBLs that I finally got converted to using pixels
    2019 - Just moved into a new home (yet another change of plans). Will be dim but not dark. Too much to do at the new place to leave time for a show. Dim show (3000 pixels) had regular visits most nights.

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