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Thread: FPP OS build upgrade

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    Default FPP OS build upgrade

    So new to this and have my show all done in xlights. Just setting up my raspberry pis's with fpp they had 5.3 on them so I upgrade fpp to 5.4.1 and wanted to upgrade the build os to 5.4.1 so starting out with the latest.

    The fpp 5.4.1 upgrade no issue. But when I click on the upgrade to upgrade the build OS to 5.4.1 it downloads and runs and then reboots but then in the about it still shows 5.3 for the build OS. So not sure why it isn't showing 5.4.1 in the build OS. Any suggestions besides having to just download and redo my SDCARDS and re-setup fpp?

    Image attached showing fpp on 5.4.1 but build OS as 5.3 even though I ran the upgrade OS option and said to do 5.4.1.

    Screenshot 2021-11-25 111650.jpg
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    Default Re: FPP OS build upgrade

    That is probably correct. I don't believe there is an operating system change from 5.3 to 5.4. Your Git version shows you have the latest upgrade.


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