Gday guys,
Awesome forum and a newb here. First year setting lights up. Only got basic store bought lights this year due to Covid and limited stock.

Got a little sidetracked and forgot to waterproof the speed controller on the dodgy little store bought mode selector on my cascading waterfall.
Itís pretty basic 2 wires in and 3 come out. I have pulled the switch apart after the storms and to no avail it wonít work. I would simply buy another waterfall but no one has any stock again.
Kids loved the look of it cascading.
Is there any way to regain power. I have spare plug back type connectors but I know that if I hook the common up and the two others I only light up half the led lights as the other lights are on reverse polarity. Any easy way to regain power to all 100% lights. would be awesome if I still could control them somehow or just a steady on would be ok.

Considering buying a could dmx24s to tidy up my extension lead chaos but just trying to sort this issue first.

Many thanks.