Hi guys,

I did have a discussion on GitHub, but better placed here. My goal is to run a 24x48 (1152) grid off a esp32, so I bought a generic one and wired the grid into two halves 24x24 each and ran off two pins. LEDs are 12v and distance to the grid from the esp is pretty short, maybe 1ft or so for the first data line but 4ft for the second side. No matter what I do, I get unwanted flashing on the second half, I’ve added a level shifter changed wires, changed output pins, spent so much time I gave up and decided to run the whole grid off 1 output and works fab
Now I’ve been having one of my usual crap sleep thinking about my lights and the million tasks still to do, including unicast (currently using) vs multicast, then started to think is running off one pin going to cause problems with the refresh rate? Running espixelstick 4 beta 4.
I don’t recall at present but I don’t recall a timer to show the refresh rate of 1152 pixels on a single pin on a esp32, but in unicast if this has to ack and is running slower than everything else am I walking into issues?
Wondering if I should try a esp32cam with sd card reader on them (seems easier?)
Sorry for the long message and brain dump after I’ve been awake an hour ;(
TLDR help