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Thread: Lighting tall trees

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    Default Lighting tall trees

    Not sure where to put this, so mods please move if this should be elsewhere

    I have fifteen 80-100+ foot tall redwoods that line by back fence. I am looking to figure out some way to splash some color up on them as you can easily see them driving up the street. Originally I was thinking some DMX RGB flood lights. Ray has some that range from 10 watt all the way up to 200w each. Then last week we took the kids down to Disneyland for the Halloween trick or treat party. In the redwood challenge area in California adventure they setup what they called the villains grove. Near the end they had some sort of high powered laser star type projectors on the redwood trees that looked really cool. It was like a high end, high powered version of those laser projectors they sell at Home Depot for the lazy folks that donít want to put lights up on their house. I was googling around and could not find anything like this though. Anyone seen anything like that or have any thoughts on what to do to brighten up the trees besides climbing them to string up some pixels? 🤣. Thanks,

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    A few projectors with some videos on demand playing? 100 feet up is a long way but I remember one of the first guys to do house projection had to setp in his neighbor's yard across the street. You could try it and see if it would work out. Maybe you could find a spot on or in the house to set up the projector array that would give you 20 to 40 feet in height.


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