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Thread: Vixen 3 control in real time

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    Default Vixen 3 control in real time

    Quick question,
    I haven't used pixels before with Vixen, just Renard controllers and AC lights. Correct me if I am wrong, but if I am editing a sequence and I am hooked up to my controller it will run whatever I have playing in the sequence editor in real time, right? Do pixel controllers work the same way? I'm wondering if I am plugged into my Kulp 16 and I run a sequence while I am editing it, it'll make my pixels run? I am pretty much wondering the easiest set up for testing pixels and patching initially. Do I need to save everything as a sequence and then run it in scheduler or can I just plug and play?


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    Default Re: Vixen 3 control in real time

    In Vixen 3, a channel is a channel is a channel. The fact that groups of channels are also known as pixels is just another way to look at channels. Vixen outputs channel data to all enabled controllers when you run a sequence in editing mode. So yes: It will output your data.

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