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    Lightbulb Controller Configuration


    This is my second year and i am a little confused on how to set up my controller for expansion. I have a Falcon 16V3. First year i did my garage and windows outlines each running 50 lights from 1 port for each. I want to do a mega tree with 16 stings 50 lights each this year , but confused if i need to run the tree 1 port for each string , and then i have to buy another controller ? Or there is other recommend set up. Trying to figure out how do I keep expansion.

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    Default Re: Controller Configuration

    You can run up to 680 or about 1200 pixels from each port (depends on speed of sequences). So, you can daisy chain a few of your strings on the mega tree (with power injection most likely) and reduce the number of ports you need for the tree. Put 4 strings on each port and you only need 4 ports on the controller. Daisy chain a few of your windows and you got the ports you need.

    The F16V3 can also use expansion boards. This would give you 16 ports for a simplified mega tree. Sounds like you might need some help understanding this...give David a call and he could help you configure the pieces you need for using an expansion board with what he has available.

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