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Thread: Bug or User Error?

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    Default Bug or User Error?

    I've had this same issue for several seasons now and thought I had found my way past it last year. However, when I opened Vixen up today to start on this year's build I noticed I was missing a couple of props from the Preview so I went about trying to get them added back in and again have not been successful in doing so. I copy and paste the prop in the preview. I then click on the copied prop and click on "(Collection)" under properties. I associate the prop with correct element and save. When I open a sequence the prop shows up but rather than being associated with the missing prop element it is duplicated from the one I copied. I made a video that might explain the issue more clearly. Any advice?



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    Default Re: Bug or User Error?

    Can you zip up the profile and create a bug ticket with a link to the dropbox or similar place with the profile? That certainly seems broken and it would help if I can see what is going on if you have it in a broken state.


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