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Thread: My experiences with programs and the schedular

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    Default My experiences with programs and the schedular

    While this is not exactly a bug report this may help those having troubles. I have experienced similar problems to others here with schedules locking up etc. and have found the following.

    When compiling a program and want to insert a sequence into the middle of the program it appends to the end. I then need to drag it into place. If I then want to add another sequence, when I try to drag it into place I find that I am dragging the first one. The solution is to exit the program compliation before inserting the next sequence. This causes it to save between adding sequences. An addition to this is that if you watch the amount of memory being used while adding sequences you will see it keeps growing until you exit and it saves.

    Once I have the program how I want it, if I tell it to use a single profile for all sequences it will fail during execution and lock up unless I do a reboot of the computer (not just Vixen) before scheduling it. If you tell the program that each sequence is to use it's own profile then it works okay without the reboot.

    I am not 100% sure about this but I have not managed to get a scheduled program to run succesfully with the preview enabled. Others report the same.

    In testing my programs I schedule them to run during the day while I have have the main power to the display turned off. When I am confident I then schedule them for the correct times. Having status LEDs on some of my channels lets me know that the sequence is running without having the preview turned on.

    And I will now repeat something that I think might be important. Reboot your computer (not just Vixen) after creating your programs and/or schedules.

    I hope this helps.

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    Default Re: My experiences with programs and the schedular

    Pretty much all of the same, but I keep my AP enabled. No problems with my show so far, been running flawlessly every night for a week.


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