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Thread: No idea about DMX lights with Vixen

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    Default No idea about DMX lights with Vixen

    Hello dear helpers,
    I bought a DMX controller and a couple of PAR lights.
    (With Freestyler I get them to run). At Vixen, I have no idea.
    What I have to set where - and how I can test it.
    Does anyone have a guide or link
    Thank you

    Greetings from Heidelberg Germany

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    Default Re: No idea about DMX lights with Vixen

    The wiki has a few articles.

    • What I hear you saying is you have a set of lights that take DMX data and convert that to light.
    • In addition you purchased a controller that can output DMX but you did not say what kind of controller or which protocols are used to send data to the controller. Kind of need to know this to help solve your issue.

    With that said, Are you planning to use your computer to play the sequences or will you be using something like FPP running on a PI?

    Some possible solutions:
    • FPP/PI, Vixen, xLights connected to a DMX dongle via USB which then connects to your PAR lights over DMX Serial.
    • FPP/PI with a PI Hat that has DMX outputs which then connects to your PAR lights.
    • FPP/PI, Vixen, xLights using An Ethernet connection to carry E1.31 data to a bridge that has a DMX output that can be connected to your PAR lights. There are a lot of controllers that can perform the E1.31-to-DMX bridging operation.

    If you notice, none of these solutions use your "Controller". It is possible your controller can perform the bridge operation but we cant tell that until you tell us more about it.

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    Default Re: No idea about DMX lights with Vixen

    That PAR light is a LED RGB Light.

    The good news is, you can treat each light as a pixel. If you are used to using smart pixels on a string, then you already know what you need to handle them in Vixen. You treat the light the same as it was a pixel, giving it three channels of data for red, green, and blue brightnesses -- you just do it over DMX wires instead of ws2811 wire is all. Make sure your light is set to the correct starting channel number for the pixel -- unlike pixels where data goes in order one light to the next, on DMX, Any light can be Any address.

    The bad news is, that DMX interface is going to limit you to doing shows only with that one computer. As long as your shows only come from that box, great.

    The better news is, you can get DMX out of display controllers such as the Sandevices E682 or Falcon F16v3. And then you have DMX and Pixels on one controller.

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