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Thread: F/S Orchestra of Lights Collection

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    Default F/S Orchestra of Lights Collection

    I'm getting rid of my entire Orchestra of Lights Collection that i've compiled over the past few years. I am moving on to pixels so I have no use for this stuff anymore. I figured I'd offer it here first before I dump it off locally to someone. I have no idea how shipping will work because it's ALOT of stuff but I'll work on that if I find someone is actually interested. Everything works flawlessly and I have the original box for almost everything (no original box for 1 wreath, hanging snowflake, and SnowFlurry Projector). Most stuff is used but there are a few items that are brand new and never used. Below is a video of everything in action along with a complete list of all the items. The cost shown at the bottom is what I originally paid for everything brand new. Feel free to make an offer if you or anyone you know is interested. I'll leave this up for about 2 weeks before I move on.

    - 13 - 10 watt LED flood lights that plug into speaker box and sync to music (4 green, 4 red, 3 blue, 1 purple, 1 yellow) All lights are in those work light clamps.
    - 2 boxes of the 12 LED Dancing Icicle Lights (used)
    - 2 boxes of the 24 LED Icicle Lights (used)
    - 25 boxes of the 24 LED C9 Lights (used)
    - 4 boxes of the LED Candy Cane Pathway Stakes (used)
    - 3 LED Lighted Wreaths (used)
    - 1 LED Projection Set with 3 Spotlights and Speaker (used)
    - 1 LED Projection Set with 5 Spotlights and Speaker (used)
    - 3 of the Light Show Box with Speaker (2 used, 1 brand new)
    - 2 WiFi Hubs (1 used and 1 brand new purchased to have as an extra)
    - 1 SnowFlurry Projector (used)
    - 1 LED Hanging Snowflake (used)


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    Default Re: F/S Orchestra of Lights Collection

    How much for 15 of C9 strings


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