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Thread: Having issues splitting universes on FPP

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    Default Having issues splitting universes on FPP

    I'm running a F16v3 that I just updated firmware to 2.59 on. I'm also running FPP on a RPi with 4.6.1. I've set up everything and for some reason I can't seem to split universes across Falcon ports. I also ran tests and if I have a port using 2 universes I don't get any packets going to them. I gave in on a few window props I was having issues with and when I start each prop with a new universe it started working. Testing the props on the Falcon F16v3 works correctly (I tell it to output to that prop and it works) when I go to the FPP the props will light if I test All Channels but not if I tell it to output to that prop. It seems like when I test with specific channel numbers the props are shifted by the number channels of that prop. I've been racking my brain for a day at this and I've finally thrown in the towel. I'll try zoom if I don't get an answer here. I'll upload images of the E131 setup and outputs etc. I'm hoping it's just a dumb mistake!

    Thanks for any insight,
    Doug Tice
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    Default Re: Having issues splitting universes on FPP

    On your FPP E1.31 page why do you have multiple lines for the same universe?

    I looks like you have three controller at these addresses and It is hard the read the numbers in the image you posted.

    I would have three lines if the above is correct

    First line Universe-100 Count-26 Size-510

    Or better yet might be to have xLights upload all your settings


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