Hey Everyone, I'm just getting into this game and feel like there's sooo much to learn but I'm loving learning all of it! Some of the initial decisions that I made were to make wiring and setup easier, or so I thought hah.

I'm starting this year with at least a roof line, 245 pixels, 4 arches (tbd pixels), 4 mini trees with 140 pixels each and maybe a few other props or window outlines but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself just yet. I was originally thinking of 12v pixels to avoid power injection, only to later find out that I would need to inject every ~100 pixels anyway... so okay I want to do this anyway so I'll work it out hah.

I was planning on continuing with 12v nodes for everything and after much research I purchased a Kulp K8-PB for the price and 8 outputs which seemed the best bang for the buck giving me room to expand. Yesterday I was watching Bill Porters presentation from VCS 2020 where he used 5v pixels for all his props and in doing so was able to better utilize the PSU's capacity and drive more props even with power injecting. So I was then sold on doing 12v for the roofline to avoid extra PI there, but switch most of my props to 5v and deign them with PI as Bill did. Then I realized K8-PB only supports one voltage, so then I would have to purchase an expansion board and another PSU. Realizing that I would need to purchase more than 1 PSU to power my current plans anyway adding a ~$20 smart receiver and a CG-1500 to the mix wasn't too bad.

However when looking at most of the common pixel suppliers here, most of them do not sell 5v pixels or they would be special order which makes me believe that 5v might not be the way to go? If that's the case I'll just end up with a few more PSU's than originally intended but and injecting lines with alternate PSU's along the string. But I wanted to see what most of you do... do you special order 5v pixels and wait 4-8 weeks for some orders then do lots of PI or do you order the 12v which seems to be the main option that is readily available at all suppliers and have a higher number of PSU's powering your displays?

Thanks in advance for your help!