Dear All,

Wondering if anyone can help me with an issue that I have ran into.

First of all, I am new to Vixen and Pixels, so do excuse me if i ask dumb questions.

I started developing my first Christmas lighting show and bought 4 led strings with 100 addressable leds type WS2811 for this. So I want to control 400 LEDs in total. I managed to control one of the 4 strings (100 leds) with an Arduino Uno by means of standard sketches. Then I downloaded Vixen Lights. After this I started to patch 100 leds with RGB at the Arduino (300 outputs total). This works great.

However, the question is whether it is possible to control the other 3 LED strings via Vixen with the same Arduino Uno and run separate sequence (effects) per string? I suspect not because I then have to configure the same Arduino 4x in Vixen as output with the same com-port.

Does each string need its own Arduino if I want to ran different sequences, is the question?

However, I wanted to verify this in advance and ask for other options/ideas.