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Thread: Xlights - Custom string of pixels

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    Default Xlights - Custom string of pixels

    Hi all,

    Attached is a picture of my entryway which currently has approx 180 pixels on it.

    All are on one port and the data flows from 1->2->3->4 in the photo.

    My question is.. currently segment 1 and segment 3 are separate models because they are split by the vertical (#2).

    I think it would be better if both were viewed by Xlights as one model so that effects placed on that section look correct. Such as "from middle".

    Is there a method for taking two strings of lights that are separated by approximately 40 pixels and make Xlights view them as one continuous string?

    I'm thinking perhaps some type of custom model but not sure how to tell it to use FalconController-Port1-Pixels1-54 and FalconController-Port1-Pixels99-145 as one object...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Xlights - Custom string of pixels

    If you group them together, you can adjust the center point in the group properties box. A red cross hair shows the middle spot. See the circled things in my screen shot. I did that for my roofline to go out from the doorway middle point vs the center of the house.

    groups center point.jpg

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    Default Re: Xlights - Custom string of pixels

    You can draw a poly line with zero pixel segments.


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