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See link in previous post...Are all WS2811 15 bit color? I assumed since we send it 256 values for each color it was 24 bit color. Of course, the description also says the pixels must be clocked by a microcontroller and that isn't the way we would usually say that about WS2811 pixels.
While we dont usually mention it, the WS2811s ARE clocked by a MicroController. THe ESPs, PIs are both Micro Controller based data stream generators. The Falcons are FPGA based controllers and I have no Idea what the E682s use. All they are saying is that the data input is a TTL type of input. I have not seen a 15bit WS2811 pixel. No matter what the chip does internally, we are sending 24bit color into it. There are devices that take a Hue (color) + intensity on the data stream. That would not be the WS2811s most of us use.