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Thread: Cant find Wlan0 for network set up?

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    Default Cant find Wlan0 for network set up?

    Hi all! I recently started setting up FPP on a beaglebone black that is going to connect to my k16 A-B board. When trying to configure my network, I cant find an option of the Wlan0 to be set up. It seems like it is there in every tutorial I have watched but maybe I am setting up something wrong? My house has an eero network instead of a typical router, so maybe that is my issue? The only way I have managed to get the FPP to actually show up is by connecting to my house ethernet through our main switch, as when I try to connect through the eero device nothing happens. I do want my show to be its own network because my family uses a lot of bandwidth. I don't know if I had an actual question in there, but any advice or helpful hints you could give me would be very appreciated!

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Cant find Wlan0 for network set up?

    It should be in the dialog box for network configuration. If not there, what rPI and version of FPP?


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