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Thread: How model RGB Luminaries in XLights

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    Default How do you model RGB Luminaries in XLights?

    I've gone and made some Luminaries--very similar to the Boscoyo Luminary.
    I'm using 12v strip, so 3 pixels per IC/node. Each luminary has 3 nodes, so 9 pixels, which are controllable in groups of 3 at the node level.
    So far I have 6 luminaries, and I plan on 12 in total. All these are strung together in series off one ESPixelStick.

    My Question:
    How do I model this in XLights? I think I see many different ways, but is there a more advantagous method? I think I want to do something a little more than go "single color" in each luminary. That is, the 3 nodes are not there for just more light output. I do want chases, and some sort of ping-pong effect among the luminaries as a set. But I was also thinking of color effects on the 1st & 3rd nodes within one or more luminaries, while having counter effects stream though the 2nd node of those same luminaries (maybe in reverse order). Not sure how well it will show up, but I thought I'd try.

    So, how to model a series of Luminaries...
    Model: 12 individual luminaries with series ordered nodes, then placed in a group.
    Model: A string with 36 nodes. Submodel groupings of 3 nodes to make 12 "Luninary" submodels.
    Other methods?

    Anybody work with Luminaries before and have some advice? Or just a bright idea /pun intended/


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    Default Re: How model RGB Luminaries in XLights

    Could you do candy canes with one light per cane?


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