I am using the latest version There seems to be an issue with using a background sequence along with a triggered response that launches a script. My triggered script contains logic to randomly choose one of 5 different short routines. I also have a background script that leaves a few of the lights on when the triggered script is not executing. The background script uses an on every(10).Seconds command in association with a "wait on timers" command. I tested everything last spring and it seemed good to go. However I discovered issues the very 1st night I went live. Seems the car traffic that acts as the trigger is much more random than in my testing. Basically I started getting channels (lights) that were sticking on. I turned on the preview and confirmed that the preview also exhibited the same as the physical lights. What I also learned is that after a couple hours there were multiple unclosed background sequence preview windows on the screen. This would seem to explain at least some of the "stuck channels". It seems that it is possible for the trigger to occur at a time when the background sequence is just kicking in but the triggered sequence doesn't realize it or is unable to correctly stop the partially started background sequence. It seems that if you trigger a standard sequence instead of an script sequence it either works ok or is much less likely to cause this issue. I have not tested this quite enough to be certain of this however.

Secondly I discovered another background sequence issue when turning the preview on. Basically some of the scripting commands do not behave correctly when a script is run via a trigger after my background sequence has run. This problem does not occur without the preview turned on. Also if you open the script and run it, it still works correctly. It is just when launched via a trigger that the incorrect behavior occurs. I have not spent any time trying to figure out what script commands work and what don't.

I am going to continue my testing. I currently have trigger launching a standard sequence. If it goes tonight ok I will feel comfortable saying the problem is with triggered script sequences only, (in conjunction with background sequences). The next thing I want to do is turn off the background sequence and check the behavior. If you want me to zip up any of my stuff or anything let me know. Everything is pretty small as I don't use this with music or anything.