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Thread: 3.7u2 Released

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    Default 3.7u2 Released

    This release has mostly bug fixes and minor improvements.

    Release Notes - Vixen 3 - 3.7u2 Build


    [VIX-2864] - Allow clicking the color in the discrete color picker
    [VIX-2878] - Add bounds checking for preview items to ensure they are visible.
    [VIX-2980] - Improve the drag performance of moving effects in the editor.


    [VIX-2981] - Spin Effect fails to render when the fixed pulse time is invalid.
    [VIX-2982] - Copying the Morph effect by Ctrl Drag on an existing effect does not retain polygon settings.
    [VIX-2983] - Export won't open in FPP
    [VIX-2986] - Lipsync render visual in timeline may be blank at times.
    [VIX-2987] - The save/cancel routines in the Display / Preview Setup can conflict with rapid changes.
    [VIX-2989] - Vixen crashes when associating certain audio files.
    [VIX-2996] - Dimming filter interpolates command values incorrectly.
    [VIX-2997] - Attempting to Zoom rows in the editor when there are none, can crash the application.
    [VIX-2998] - Rendering artifacts on the patching order screen
    [VIX-2999] - The Dummy Lighting controller fails to load with a thread contention issue.
    [VIX-3000] - Location property for one element resets to zeros when preview is edited
    [VIX-3006] - Off-center effects
    [VIX-3010] - Theme memory optimizations
    [VIX-3011] - Moving Custom Props at other than 100% zoom can be erratic.

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    Default Re: 3.7u2 Released

    Windows is telling me that the download is not safe. What is happening?

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    Default Re: 3.7u2 Released

    That’s a window security block because it does not know Vixen. I get the same warnings when I access my own show router. If you trust Vixen, just “run a away”
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    Default 3.7u2 Released

    Thanks was excited for this. But, the Morph is all the way broken now, it doesn't save any changes to it. So my existing morphs when i make them correct again, i save and close, then reopen, it undoes all the changes. Same with new Morphs. Also, my effects are still off center. so my issue clearly wasn’t related to the fixes put in place. I will zip my profile and load up a new ticket.
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