Hi, here is one of the first sequences I have made for my show. It's Believe from The Polar Express Movie Soundtrack. Yes, I am still using AC lighting so this is for AC... It may not be the best but it may be of some use to others. It's 36 channels + a 2x3 matrix. :D

Here is my setup to help you map:
Bushes- Group of 6
Windows- Group of 4
Arch 1- Group of 4
Arch 2- Group of 4
Gutter- Group of 3
Walkway- Group of 2

Snow Projector- Group of 1
Mega Tree- Group of 8
Mini Trees- Group of 4

Matrix is rgb 2x3 64x48 pixels

If possible, credit is nice... Don't want to see it on GMA in someone else's name. (It won't because it's old AC, but just an analogy if you know what happened with the arguing trees...)