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Thread: How can I Control LOR over DMX on a K8-PB FPP

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    Default How can I Control LOR over DMX on a K8-PB FPP

    EDIT: This has been resolved via a workaround.

    I ended up being able to use the USB dongle to control the lights. I was trying to use the rj45 for DMX and couldn't get it to work. But adding a USB hub worked.

    Hello, all I'm just about at my wits end.

    I'm trying to address a LOR controller (CTB16PCg3) over E1.31 via a FPP K8-PB.

    If I use the USB adaptor I'm able to control outputs via Vixen configured as DMZ channels 1 to 16 on my PC.

    But I can't get the FPP to see the controller and I'm just not sure I'm doing it right. I have 10 different output ports and I don't know which I should be using and the manual doesn't say anything about these ports. I tried each one with DMX open and the LOR controller never when solid green light.

    I've also tried changing Cape Type to "F8-PB No Serial" and F8-PB 8 Serial

    I would be eternally grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

    A couple of Screenshots showing the configs.
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    Default Re: How can I Control LOR over DMX on a K8-PB FPP

    LOR boxes use non-standard DMX pinouts so a you need a cable converter as explained in the attached LOR DMX guide I found ages ago. You can buy them or build them.

    I also ran across a very detailed presentation from FastEddy from AUSLights. It is referenced here.

    The pinout for DMX - Industry Standard RJ-45 (with TIA/EIA 568B Wire Colors)
    pins - Description
    Pin 1 - DMX Data + (Orange Stripe)
    Pin 2 - DMX Data - (Orange)
    Pin 3 - Alternate Data + (Green Stripe)
    Pin 4 - n/c (Blue)
    Pin 5 - n/c (Blue Stripe)
    Pin 6 - Alternate Data - (Green)
    Pin 7 - DMX Ground (Brown Stripe)
    Pin 8 - Alternate Ground (Brown)

    The pinout for LOR - Standard Mode RJ-45 (with TIA/EIA 568B Wire Colors)
    pins - Description
    Pin 1 - (Orange Stripe)
    Pin 2 - (Orange)
    Pin 3 - 9 VDC+ (Green Stripe)
    Pin 4 - Data + (Blue)
    Pin 5 - Data - (Blue Stripe)
    Pin 6 - Gnd (Green)
    Pin 7 - (Brown Stripe)
    Pin 8 - (Brown)

    To make a RJ-45 LOR/DMX 2 Way Converter (with TIA/EIA 568B wire colors)
    Cut an TIA/EIA 568B Ethernet cable in half and reconnect the wires as shown
    Pin 1 (Orange Stripe)<-> Pin 4 (Blue)
    Pin 2 (Orange) <-> Pin 5 (Blue Stripe)
    Pin 6 (Green) <-> Pin 7 (Brown Stripe)
    Pin 4 (Blue) <-> Pin 1 (Orange Stripe)
    Pin 5 (Blue Stripe) <-> Pin 2 (Orange)
    Pin 7 (Brown Stripe) <-> Pin 6 (Green)
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