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Thread: LOR controller into F48 controlled by Xlights

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    Default LOR controller into F48 controlled by Xlights

    Greetings from Louisiana,

    I hoping someone can help me with my issue.

    Simple Version: I can't get an Xlights sequence to light my AC lights

    My setup:

    Using Xlights, FPP in standalone to F48. F48 has several outputs of pixel data, all working with ZERO issues.
    I have a 16 Channel LOR controller connected to serial 3 of the F48.

    I can run the test function at the F48/Falcon network interface, through the FPP interface, and in Xlights. When the test activates the channel assigned to the AC lights they come on just fine. BUT I can't get them be recognized in a sequence in any way. They also won't function in "output to lights" mode. Only in test within Xlights. What am I missing here?
    What do my model settings need to be?

    Screenshots attached.

    PS: Non-important, Side-question, can I control individual channels on the LOR contoller, or is it all or nothing?
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    Default Re: LOR controller into F48 controlled by Xlights

    Is 4990 the right start channel?

    You should be able to control each channel independently.


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