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Thread: Some Kicad help?

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    Default Some Kicad help?

    While I am pretty well versed in EAGLE, I don't know squat about KiCAD.
    Would someone be willing to look at a very small board for me and tell me how to remove some traces?
    The board has an picture frame outline around it on both top and bottom copper layers. (I don't know why, its not 'mine')
    I want to remove it so I can do some panelizing.
    I would imagine it's a 1 minute task for someone that knows what they are doing.
    If you can help me, PM me with an email and I'll send you the files.
    If you can then help, perhaps we can hop on the phone for a quick chat.

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    Default Re: Some Kicad help?

    Send them to me; I'll give it a try.


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