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Thread: Interrupting playlists and Big Buttons

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    Default Interrupting playlists and Big Buttons

    I hope that everyone is doing well and that their displays are coming together. I have a question about playlists, how to interrupt them, and big buttons.

    A little background about how I have things set up. Currently, I have the roof outline and windows installed and sequenced. Everything is working well with all of my sequences and I was able to create playlists. I have my show start on the hour and then the time in between shows (40-50 min) is filled with a static color sequence. The way I have the playlist set up is to have my 3 or 4 songs play at the beginning (I placed them in the lead in section) then have 1-hour sequences that are the static colors that fill the rest of the hour.

    Now what I want to be able to do is create a set of big button commands so that if I want to play a song when a friend shows up, or change the color of my house to a different color for the night I just click the button. I have been able to get it to work somewhat but not exactly what I want. For example, I can have a playlist playing and then select my big button to switch to all white. that works well, but it will either only play for one hour,(the length of my sequence) or if I set to repeat, play until I manually go in and stop it. Is there a way that I can turn off all the lights irrespective of if it was started manually by big buttons or by a playlist at say 11 every night? I tried to create a playlist with the "stop now" command as well as one with the "all lights off" command to start at 11pm every night but neither would do anything.
    Is there any way to interrupt a playing playlist? I feel like I have tried so many settings but one playlist will never interrupt another.

    So long story long, i have playlists that are set up to start each hour and they are working ok, but i would like to add the functionality of being able to use big buttons to run one of my static color sequences (on repeat) but still have the system shut off at 11 each night. Is there a way to turn off all lights no matter how they started at 11pm?

    Finally, is there a way to set the background effect (one of my fseq static colors) to run during a set time 5-11pm?

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