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One of the biggest blockers to a proper 3d system has been the fact that most users wouldn't have the capability to create an accurate 3D model of their house and yard. That seems to be changing. I recently found an app that allows you to take 8 photos of your house and it builds an amazingly accurate 3D model of your house. And one that's very dimensionally accurate too. More than good enough for our purposes. So now it appears that barrier is going away, we may need to revisit full 3d support.
That being said, we do try to keep our focus on being a sequencer, and not a display design or documentation tool. But I could see some pretty simple fields added to the preview setup interface that could give you real world dimensions of the props you're drawing.
!? What is this software you speak of? Lol. I've see apps that get you to circle an object and take pictures from a bunch of angles to render a 3d object but that's impressive. Not to mention the "other guys" in this way, but I think with xlights 3d modelling that went live, people have been using it and that constraint shouldn't be a consideration any longer. Plus, there is free web based tools that allow even beginners to be able to lay out shapes and simple functions to create something useful for this. And I'm pretty sure that people willing to help those who have a tough time with it in our community... Or, even someone offers to create the models for people as a service. Wish there was a way to unlock the 3d function in the viewer, even if no effects make Use of it yet