I picked up some 60/1m led strip with the intent to build some kind of meteor tubes/icicles. I found the cost and shipping for the premade ones wasn't great, and even buying the 4-3-4 tee's or the clear tubes from somewhere like Ray wu ended up costing even more mostly due to the shipping cost. I would still like to attempt some version of these however, based on those commercial designs. I know community member BWINTER came up with an awesome home made version, but it really was a custom job for his specific setup and relied on custom designed boards and ethernet cable along with raspberry pi's. Although I would be interested in giving them a shot, probably wouldn't try his version until next season so I could tinker and adapt them for my use.

Still, his ideas cross referenced with commercial products like Ray's at least give some inspiration for a starting point. I have heard that semi translucent or white pex pipe (not the coiled type) does a decent job standing in for the "clear tubes" or "milky tubes" sold. Much like they are used on arches as a defused light effect. Trying to picture to picture this however....the defused light really suits the arches for how they are used, but for meteor tubes/icicles, it seems like the effect is much better when the individual pin point led's are only slightly diffused, but still somewhat sharp. I guess that helps with the dripping effect? Any thoughts or ideas for this? Feedback from experience or hearsay?

The idea I had was to go double sided for each tube/icicle. 30 down @ 0.5m, then 30 on the reverse side. I'm not sure if I could just epoxy seal the top and bottom of the pipe or tube or whatever I go with, or if I would have to fill the entire tube to seal it properly.

Now, wiring, this is where I'm hesitant. I could run a thicker feed wire and tap into it to feed each icicle, and power inject as needed. The data line will obviously need to through the 60 led's/pixels, then rejoin the wiring up top until it drops for the next icicle. If I did it again, I would probably get the tee's, but I've already paid and had my ray wu order shipped for this season. I'm a little concerned about the stress and strain of the wires having to basically act like structural support, and picturing icicles draped over a tree branch blowing back and forth in the winter storm winds. Any suggestions for this? Ideally, I would rather be able to kind of hang them on tree branches at possibly different heights rather than have them really close together in a line on roof trim.

I'm all for experimenting