I used the prop plug and updated my E-682, to v5.03, now I can not get my Mega Tree to work. I am using all 16 out puts with 100 pixels each out put. now I am lost on how to do the universe count being on the E-682 for each 100X3=300 channels. then matching it on the Vixen 3 program. I did this on 3 other controllers and had to make very limited changes to the vixen 3 program number count. on this one I can not get it to work half way. no matter what i do. Can someone show me for the e-682 for 100 pixels per output, what the universe will be and on the vixen 3 what the program count be. I thought I figured this out last year but what i did last year is not working on this one. could it be the upgrade, I re-upgraded but still no luck.