I am setting up my first mega tree this year. It is a 16x50 setup. I am just using 8 channels with 100(12v) pixels each. I have attached a picture of the setup below.

First question, am I correct in figuring that for 800 pixels, I will need 48Amps so 2 power supplies?

Second question, do I need a jumper between the GND and V- on my power supply?

Third question, what is the proper fuse to use between my power supply and controller?

Last question, if I end up needing to power inject do I just need run one pigtail off of the power supply(with only V+ and V-) and then use one Tee to go to the end of each strand? I found a bunch of documentation on why you need Tees but not how to physically connect them. See the (terrible)drawing below for what I am thinking.

Controller setup

Power injection setup?

Thank you!