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Thread: ESP D1 Mini Motherboard

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    Quote Originally Posted by angus40 View Post
    Yes. They last long time.......rechargable !
    What kind though? Do you have to pull them out to recharge them? How long is long time? I was actually wondering about that for some of my mini controllers... If a battery would be feasible or if I would have to run power to them all the way up a tree or something. Wemos runs off 3.3v too I believe

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    These are the current batteries I have and tested thoroughly that work great =>

    UPS-12V 20Ah Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery for more than 500 pixels long, long duration .
    Infinity-12V 5Ah IT5-12-f1 for less than 300-500 pixels long duration .

    Currently testing with lithium-ion batteries primarily as controller power only , specifically for standby .
    My usage here is outside the Christmas light hobby but could be applied for ideally suited situations.

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