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Thread: Finally found good site for Bulk Wire in Canada

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    Default Finally found good site for Bulk Wire in Canada

    This is for my Canadian friends looking for good quality copper cable.
    I had been using security wire for the past several years, it was 4C 18ga CCA and served it's purpose.
    I was buying cable off Ebay (from US) for about 100$/500ft spool. I was always searching homedepot and other big box stores and could occasionally score some 16GA or 18GA, but usually only 2C.
    I hit on: It is $169.00/1000ft spool. (plus shipping)
    So far, I am impressed with the quality and I also bought one of their enclosures:
    These enclosures are huge! I bought the 12" X 12" X 4" enclosure for 25$ cdn. It will require a mounting plate but easy to make (8 holes in back for plate to attach).
    They shipped out quick and I had it in 2 days.

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    Default Re: Finally found good site for Bulk Wire in Canada

    Thanks for letting us know....
    Shipping things like cable and enclosures across the border is extremely expensive..
    It's great to find a Canadian vendor...


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