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Thread: Stand Alone House Outline no internet connection. PI / PIcap ? best option ?

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    Default Stand Alone House Outline no internet connection. PI / PIcap ? best option ?

    Hi Everyone,

    So this is what I would like to do:

    Set up a standard display for a house outline for a friend of a friend. These people are very private and I assume would not like me to set up a Picap onto their wifi system. So, I would be setting everything up at home and go install.

    1. If I set up the schedule for the year for lights to turn on and off ( Holidays, events, etc ) how long would the battery last to keep the date? It's not easy to change the battery with the PI and Cap for someone who isn't a tech person ( they don't like to change lightbulbs lol )
    2. If the PI is always connected to power, would that be enough to keep the time?
    3. Is it possible to make a hotspot on your phone so the PI can connect to it if I drove by to say update the files?

    Bottom line: I would like to have a system put in without wifi but still be able update if needed, but for it to maintain a schedule.

    Is this possible or will a different (simple) controller be something I should consider? and if so, anyone have suggestions? looking for the easiest solution for someone to have lights that will be up all the time (hidden) and turn on and off throughout the year without worry (for the homeowner and myself)

    Any help is much appreciated

    BTW - It would be simple seq. something along the lines of the options in FPP display testing.

    Actually, it would be great if I could use some of the testing displays and schedule those. Then there wouldn't be a need for Xlights :-)

    Is that an option down the road ?

    OR: is there a different controller out there that I can use that I can easily update the seq. (maybe via web browser from home?)

    I want to install set up and forget Please help with any and all ideas.

    Thanks everyone,


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    Default Re: Stand Alone House Outline no internet connection. PI / PIcap ? best option ?

    Get a PICAP with an integrated RTC. The RTC uses a battery to keep time when power is off. Leave the power on and you should be OK. The only issue is that once a year or so you should have the PI go online to get the clock back in sync with real time.

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