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Thread: Shout-out to Developers!

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    Default Shout-out to Developers!

    I have been using Vixen3 for 5 years now. The past couple of years I have not used it very much as far as new Sequences or new models.
    This year I wanted to redo my mini-trees and add a pair of Singing -Tree faces. Working with the Prop Editor has been Great! This thing is
    Awesome! I was so inspired that I went to the Vixen3 web site and made a small, but Heart felt Donation. Don't know if Y'all need or want
    donations but ya got it anyway.
    I can't say Thank You enough. This is Great Software, Developed and shared by people that love this hobby as much as I do, if not More.
    Keep Up the good work. Ray.
    Rayhjr I Love This Stuff!

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    Default Re: Shout-out to Developers!

    Thanks for the kind words and the donations. Both are always appreciated.


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