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Thread: Feature Request Ability to Mirror Letters in Text

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    Default Feature Request Ability to Mirror Letters in Text

    Hello, I have some pixel grids and ran into an issue while trying to run text horizontally and vertically on them. If I set the grids up to run horizontally I can't run text on them vertically without the text being reversed. There is a Stacked text option, but this does not give the desired look i'm after. I tried everything and found the only way for someone to be able to switch back and forth from horizontal to vertical text is to swap out the outputs on the light controller. If not done the text becomes reversed. An option to make the text "mirrored" would fix this problem. It could be added in the same drop down menu where the options are to select Bold, Outline, Underline, etc.

    Thanks for the help! Love the software!

    Dale P.

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    Default Re: Feature Request Ability to Mirror Letters in Text

    Any chance you can create a ticket for this on the bug tracker? If possible include a dropbox stlye link to your profile with a sample sequence that demonstrates the issue with an effect configured each way. I would like to verify there is not a setup option that can be applied and also be sure we understand what you are trying to accomplish correctly.


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