Hi All,

With all this time indoors lately, I've been getting a head start on researching how I can expand my Christmas display and get into pixels.

Current set up is very simple. I just have 2 LOR CTB16PC controllers. One of them is dedicated to 2 leaping arches that uses all 16 channels.

I want to add some elements such as smaller pixel trees, more arches that use pixels instead of LED string lights, etc. I want to start small and would prefer a controller and power supply that is already mounted in a weather-proof box. I just don't have the time or patience to build it myself.

Any suggestions on how to approach expanding my LOR set up. I would assume the recommendation would be to convert my existing controllers to DMX and begin using non-LOR controllers. If that is the case, can I continue to use LOR software or have to move to xLights?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.