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Thread: Lamp post conversion

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    Default Lamp post conversion

    Iíve got a large lamp post with a mercury vapor light that has a ballast going bad. I was entertaining the idea of gutting it and putting in pixel matrixes (bullets) behind the frosted glass panels inside and running them off an espixel stick.
    My thinking was we already have fairly adequate street lighting from the city lights and it would be nice to be able to use it as an element in our display rather than turning it off as I normally do during show months. Anyone been down this road before?

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    Default Re: Lamp post conversion

    I did something similar for my house lights. They are Dumb strips and i run a sequence each night for white most the year, and use colors for each monthly holiday. I figured if i ever have to redo them, i'd do what you're thinking and use a espixel stick and smart pixels. The thing that stops me is i already have the wires run. In the video they are in the front, but i have since put them in the fixture box through the wall in the garage, so now you don't see any wires.


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