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Thread: Help me plan my permanent pixel outline

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    Default Help me plan my permanent pixel outline

    Hi everyone,
    Great forum! I have been reading many hours and learning lots, but looking for any feedback before I make a purchase.
    Will be using WS2811 12v regulated bullet pixels with a 4" spacing. They will be installed into sections of F-channel mounted just under the fascia boards behind the rain gutters. Each F-channel section will have an xConnect at the start and end so they could be unhooked and removed if maintenance is needed. I would also run an 18/3 wire with connectors on each end if power injection is needed. My goal is that the wiring and LEDs are minimally visible. As far as controllers go, I was planning to use ESP32 or 8266 nodes running WLED, this gives me an easy connection to my Home Assistant automation platform, an app for built-in effects, Alexa control, and the ability to do E1.31 with xLights for fancier sequencing. Now for my question: 1 WLED controller could easily handle the whole string if I had them all plugged together and did power injection, but I was thinking with the layout below I might get away without power injection if I made them all separate segments. That's where I'm looking for professional help! Do I connect the ends of them together by going through the attic, or do I keep them separate? I haven't figured out yet how I am going to power all of this. If they are separate, I need a few 12V 10A power supplies driving the controller and string at each location. If I run off 1 and inject I think I will need multiple power supplies. Maybe I can just split this into two sections somehow?

    Below is a front picture of the house with my thoughts on layout:
    Red - 38' - 114 pixels - 7 Amps
    Yellow - 32' - 96 pixels - 6A
    Green - 35' - 105 pixels - 6.5A
    Blue - 36' - 108 pixels - 6.5A
    Pink - 30' - 90 pixels - 6A
    Light Blue - controller locations

    Thanks for your time and feedback!
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    Default Re: Help me plan my permanent pixel outline

    Im doing something similar, but with a falcon f48 and a differential receiver at each start of the string. I should only need to power inject in one spot due to length on main roofline.

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    Default Re: Help me plan my permanent pixel outline

    I am not a professional. I do like your layout and I think it makes sense for year round use. If you use your attic for power, consider the temperature in the summer (or even in the winter if you are down south somewhere). Attics are dang hot places and your PS could easily overheat with out better than average airflow.


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