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Thread: Awesome projection mapped Halloween show

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some Guy View Post
    I don't know if I'd be getting into full-blown projection mapping for my Christmas light display, but if I was going to do video as part of my display, I like the look of projection onto the house as it looks integrated into the show as a whole, rather than something tacked on when using P5/10 panels or pixel matrix nets.

    The biggest challenge in my opinion is theft protection. Most people wouldn't consider stealing pixels as they don't know what to do with them, nor would they be able to sell them at a pawn shop. A nice projector, on the other hand...
    I was thinking about that as well, and I think if you used a small network server cabinet with glass door. Seal it for weatherproofing and finding a way to secure the cabinet to the ground or a tree. Something like this

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    I made a big box put a digital thermostat that turns on a fan when to hot and a heat lamp when to cold. SInce i live in the north east it was freezing most nights. It worked great. This was the test run before i added 12 more minutes that actually a lot better scenes.
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