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Thread: Led strip light choice

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    Default Led strip light choice

    I'm trying to decide which type of RGB strip lights I should use for my house border. the reason I am considering using LED strip lights is so I can leave them up all year long and not have to use my pixel lights. Does anyone have a suggestion on the type or a good vendor that they've used. I am leaning toward the RGB WS 2812B series , 5VDC, with 30 leds per meter and IP65 outdoor rating. Any suggestions.

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    Default Re: Led strip light choice

    How much resolution do you want in the strip? 30/10 means that each chip drives 3 LED packages. If you buy those with higher chip counts you can get down to 1 chip per LED package. These will give a much finer resolution in the same amount of space, but do you need that? And then again, there are many that provide even closer pixels, once again - do you need that level of resolution.

    One thing you may not want to forget is the use of bullet nodes in a channel. We use rope light channels filled with bullet nodes for our permanent outlines. Works very well, doesn't have the issues that strips can have, including being able to relatively easily fix a bad node.
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    Default Re: Led strip light choice

    Weatherproof coating on pixel strips does not hold up. Encased in a silicone sleeve is preferred.
    IP65 allows some ingress of water jets but may be fine for under the eaves.
    IP rating from Chinese manufacturers are ... perhaps debatable.

    A house border is typically fairly long. 5v strips will require frequent power injection and associated heavy gauge power runs or local power supplies. There are a number of solutions for that. but it is unclear if you have considered it.

    Conventional wisdom says that pixel strips are not a wise choice for year round use.
    Pixels will go bad at some point. It is easier and cheaper to replace a single square or bullet pixel that it is to replace a single pixel in a pixel strip.

    Sorry I haven't answered any of your questions but hopefully you have more knowledge to push into your project.


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