I infer from the design of Vixen that all channels are represented by an 8-bit value internally.

I can see useful applications for expanding a single 8-bit channel into 8 discrete binary channels. (I have one in mind, as a matter of fact. )

It would be nice if a channel could be 'expanded' in the editor window to show each bit of the byte as an individually editable cell. (Bonus points if we could give a channel name to each individual bit.)

I'm thinking of a strobe light controller. I could put four strobes on a single channel, for instance:


It seems wasteful to dedicate a separate 8-bit channel to each of these functions, but at the same time, using Vixen's current user interface, it'd be tedious to manually edit a show to charge and fire the individual strobe lights. If I could expand the "StrobeController" channel to show each bit individually, it would be a nice tidy solution.

As always, thanks for your amazing software!


(Now I'm off to the drugstore to see if I can score some used disposable cameras with flash units...)