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Thread: Viral Video of Gender Reveal with Christmas Lights

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    Default Viral Video of Gender Reveal with Christmas Lights

    My wife and I found out the gender of our 2nd child a little before Thanksgiving when we were in the middle of putting up our lights. My wife had the great idea of using our lights to do the gender reveal. So, I whipped up a simple sequence and we gathered our parents in front of the house and played it.

    My wife posted it on her FB page to announce the gender to our friends and it ended up going viral. Within a day, the local ABC station posted it to their FB page and ran a very short story about it on the news that night and the next morning. That video is up to 37K views. From there, Sinclair (who owns many local ABC stations) contacted us wanting to use it. They shared it on their national FB page and many of their local ABC station pages. That video is currently at 611k views. Shortly after that, we were contacted by a viral video company who wanted to help promote and license it to media companies. Sounded neat, so we signed a contract with them. This might have been a mistake to try to monetize the video.... We definitely had no intentions to make money off our display or this sequence. Pretty much at the same time, CNN contacted us wanting to use the video on their platforms but we had to direct them to work through the viral video company and I haven't seen them use it anywhere yet.

    ABCNews and MSN have both posted the video on their facebook and/or websites. The ABCNews share on FB is currently at 824k views in a little over 24hrs!

    We can't believe it has taken off! I really wish I would've spent a lot more time on the sequence and made it more polished.

    Finally, here is a link to the video: Full sequence was over 3 mins, but my wife just posted the most interesting part.

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    Default Re: Viral Video of Gender Reveal with Christmas Lights

    Nice! Always nice when we can put our lights to more use. Congrats!

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