Hi All!

(Reposted this in Arduino forum as opposed to pixel forum, if there is a way to delete the old post please let me know so I can avoid the double post)

I've got some WS2811 bullet pixel strings that I intend to make a matrix with. My end point is a 800 pixel 20x40 matrix which will:

(1) display animations in real time using Glediator
(2) display animations as part of an xlights sequence with other elements

For the past month I've just been putzing around with a test matrix composed of 50 pixels arranged 10x5, with an Arduino as the controller while using the FastLED library to make blinky happen. Cool.

Next step was to see how Glediator works. Got it installed, followed the directions to get the RxTx library files in the right places (supposedly). But even when I have the COM port selected that my arduino and matrix is connected to, I cannot seem to get Glediator to output anything...at all. Needless to say I can't make anything happen when connecting to Xlights either.

Am I missing something in this equation that is needed to actually communicate with the Glediator software, and Xlights as well? I'm fresh in the land of pixels so any input is appreciated.

I use a Macbook, suggesting alternatives like Jinx does not help since, as far as I know Glediator is the only matrix visualizer software that runs on OSX.

Happy to provide more info, thanks in advance!