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Thread: Mini Trees - how are they wired?

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    Default Re: Mini Trees - how are they wired?

    So the final verdict is out on this one (I took all the original wiring apart!)

    15 x LED on each tree in parallel (each LED rated 3V, 5mA)
    6 trees are wired in series
    There is a series resistor on three of the trees, the other three are just have sealed electrical junctions. The value is (I think) 4.7ohm which would give the required voltage drop from 24 to 18, with 3V drop across each of the six trees. Total current about 450mA.

    So it's actually quite simple.... It also explains why I was seeing different brightnesses when I split into two, since one half had two series resistors, the other had on one only.

    I have now adapted each of the trees to run directly off 12V, I have another set on the way so am looking to add ten in total (I have ten spare channels....)

    Thanks for your input/suggestions
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