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Thread: Vixen colour/gradient/curve libraries

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    Default Vixen colour/gradient/curve libraries

    First forgive my spelling of 'colour', I'm from the other side of the pond.

    I read something interesting in a post here - that achieving the colours you want being a combination of both the RGB values and the intensity settings. Certainly I'm finding that other than pure Red Green and Blue other colours tend to look a little washed out without some tweaking.

    I didn't fully follow the colour/intensity logic - my understanding is that colour R200, G100, B50 would become R100, G50, B25 at 50% intensity (so these are the DMX bytes which would be sent), or is there more to it than that? I'm also conscious that final values passed to the pixels will be affected by any dimming curves in use. I'm finding that I need to run my Christmas display at 60% tops or it's too bright! So the global dimming curve is super useful for that

    On the subject of colours, I have been playing around with both the colour and gradient libraries. Just to sense-check my thoughts on this:

    - the colour library can be used as a way of quickly applying static colours, but they aren't linked once applied. It's a bit like the 'swatches' in photoshop/illustrator
    - the gradient library items can be linked. They can actually be used for static colours too (linked) if the gradient has just the one stop, so effectively a gradient of one colour only. So in effect they do everything the static library can also do, but is more powerful since the option to link is available
    - gradient library is stored against the profile, so is shared by all sequences in that profile
    - if a linked gradient is not available (say it's deleted from the library) then the gradient is applied but the link is lost. So the effect is retained, but stored 'standalone' since the centralised link is lost

    I like the concept of being to update colours/gradients in an entire sequence using the linking, wish I'd discovered that earlier!

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    Default Re: Vixen colour/gradient/curve libraries

    Your assessment is correct as you have stated it. The intensity in the effects that have it, using layers to modify the intensity, or the dimming curves all effect the final values. When applied in the simple sense they affect all three color spaces evenly as you have indicated.

    The Curves behave the way the Gradients do with the linking as well. You can choose to link or not on either one.


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